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Welcome to a blog written by an autistic adult woman in her late 30's using words and images to advocate acceptance as well as awareness of those with life-limiting sensory processing disorder and resulting social and behavioral challenges.Thank you for visiting.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Part 21 and end of an autistic life in limbo

I am in NO WAY advocating suicide as an answer. This series is meant to litereally illustrate the isolation that some autistic people experience on a continual basis that can result in depression and anxiety. Waiting on God is no easy task, but modern culture makes it harder.
A sweedish study shows autism and suicide are real and happening mainly due to lack of quality of life. Please don't shut someone out of your life because they can't do all the things you can. Be there for them. Love and accept them. This is for all those who have taken their life due to depression associalted with autism resulting in lack of quality of life.