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Through 1 Filter or autisticaplanet's autism blog? Let me explain!

Update 3/4/17: I have a confession to make. I am autisticaplanet from Wordpress. I moved back to the place my blogging journey began back in 2008 last September, after realizing that the power of words is, at times, too much for me to bear sanely and respectfully. Wordpress allows comments to be disabled on the blog's page, but there is still that sidebar on the upper right that cannot be blocked. 
Some of you may remember me from Wordpress. 
Using "Through 1 Filter" my first 3 months back allowed me to recover for a while and keep any outraged followers/commenters from rejecting my posts due to seeing who their author was.
I have decided the time was right to take my old name back. The current URL will remain.

Some FAQ you may have about this blog:

What does the title of your blog Through 1 Filter mean, anyway? I am one person who is sharing my experiences using my own, unique filter. A camera with a filter on the lens is a good metaphor.

Why "autisticaplanet"? 
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managing mischief

Daria en Verde

Ready, Freddie?

Ready, Freddie?

Well, little Fredward Mercury may be ready to perform, but I think everyone else flocked to this newcomer. This little cutie pie and Daria got on quite well at the park!
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Meet Rami Elliott

Meet Rami Elliott. After seeing "Bohemian Rhapsody" during April Watchathon week, I decided to purchase my own Rami Malek Funko. The only one available was Rami's role as Elliott Alderson from TBS' "Mr. Robot". I pondered on what to name him, finally settling on Rami Elliott. Rami is enjoying his ride in this antique donkey pulling a cart. "Check my ass!"  Cheeky little guy! If you enjoyed this funko post, be sure to send me a follow request to my Insta! There's music videos and lots more visual stories. Allison M. Kramer/Funkonovo

Seeded dandelion

I like the seeded dandilions better when yellow. It's like touching a baby duckling or running my hand over fleece. All these tiny hopefuls ready for flight. Seeded dandelion photo by Allison M. Kramer

Flat bottomed clouds

🎵🎤"Flat bottomed clouds, you make the celestial world go 'round" -Frieda Mercury  Frieda, Freddie's twin brother, got inspired by the flat bottomed, fluffy clouds and began to sing a parody to "Fat Bottomed Girls".