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Welcome to a blog about an autistic adult woman in her late 30's using words and images to advocate acceptance as well as awareness of those with life-limiting sensory processing issues and resulting social and behavioral challenges. I write about inclusion ideas for those who remain in isolation due to their neuromakeup and share how my Christian faith keeps me going. Thank you for visiting.

Sunday, November 6, 2016



I am a typewriter that cannot write
I am a radio that cannot play music
I am a phone that cannot ring.

I am a lamp that cannot throw any light
I am a doorbell that cannot chime
I am a car that cannot drive

I am a television that cannot give you a picture
But if you plug me into help and services
For an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome and sensory processing disorder

I can thrive and contribute 
The question is, will you?

A poem for politicians, social service agencies and those generally interested in my general welfare.