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Friday, November 11, 2016

Going for an EEG

Me getting an EEG in 2009

I am wearing a tight-fitting skull cap. The things on the skull cap are injected with gel and then wires called leads are connected to them. Before the skull cap can go on, though, I must have my forehead wiped with a gritty cleanser that will allow for the leads to get a "cleaner" picture of my brain activity. 

The skull cap has 2 straps that my mom fastens to my chest. It is now time for my EEG. Unlike EEG's that map out images of the brain, this one will be recording my brain waves. The objective is to find out if there is any disturbance in my brain waves, and if there is, enough to warrant intervention.

If you are touch sensitive, I do not see how you could have this test done. I am not touch sensitive, but I found when the gel was being injected into the little red things, it felt like my scalp was getting the injection. I even asked if they were giving me a shot in my scalp. They assured me I was not getting an injection in my scalp. I went to a neurofeedback specialist in Des Planes certified by the BCIA website. 

This was a blessing, since they were the only ones who accepted Medicare and Medicaid.
 It is not very often I hear the word "yes" when seeking help. 

The first test is hard as I have to concentrate on keeping my eyes closed for 10 minutes while the machine records my brainwaves. 

As a visual person millions of images pop into my head including the face of the doctor, the special place I have created as directed in my relaxation CD. I force myself to go there but my eyes flutter as I can hear laughter in the hall. I hear the doctor say "eye flutter". 

There are 2 students present. I assume he is teaching them. The images of their faces pop into my head. I worry that my mom cannot read her magazine article as she is in the same room with me and she must be bored. I find my way back to my healing place. More eye-flutter. Finally, part 1 is over. I am told I did great and the lights come on.

Test 2 consists of me keeping my eyes open with my head facing forward, but my eyes must stay focused on my feet

Since my focus is not very good, this takes real concentration. My mind is flooded with more random imagery and my eyes drift up to look at the computer. 

I can see my brain at work. I suddenly remember to re-position my head as it is now looking up past the computer as I am losing focus yet again and get back to my feet looking straight ahead. Fortunately this test only lasts 5 minutes.

The doctor is very familiar with people of all ages with autism spectrum disorder and says my brainwave activity is hyperactive and irritable. He says it is typical of what they see in ASD individuals. 

There is more than one biofeedback technique to use. 

By the way, 12 hours prior to an EEG you must not have anything in your diet containing sugar or it will throw the test results off. Eat a breakfast rich in protein. I had eggs and drank Lipton Green Tea (hot). Beans also are rich in protein.
Lastly: If you are getting an EEG
-Go with a licensed BCIA specialist.

-For this type of test go with a neurofeedback specialist (as opposed to biofeedback).

I had neurofeedback for about 3 weeks, 2 days a week. While I felt some benefit, the full effects were not to be experienced, the copay was too high.

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