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Welcome to a blog about an autistic adult woman in her late 30's using words and images to advocate acceptance as well as awareness of those with life-limiting sensory processing issues and resulting social and behavioral challenges. I write about inclusion ideas for those who remain in isolation due to their neuromakeup and share how my Christian faith keeps me going. Thank you for visiting.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I am an autistic woman who hates books!

I hate books.
I cringe just looking at them.
I won't read one unless it is a serious matter like reading the Bible, and I only do so for short bursts.
I opt for the audio version any time I can. This means there are tons of books I can't read, as there is no audio book or the audio book is very expensive as is the case on iTunes (usually $40.00 and up for 300 pages).
Reading for any length of time makes for a migraine.
I am a visual and aural learner. Words bore me silly. Black on white mush.
I won't even read a blog post past the 500th word.
I skim read after that.
I try to keep my own blog posts short and provide visual "breaks".

How did I survive school?

Textbooks were broken down into chapters, so there wasn't a whole lot to read for homework, which was accompanied by taking notes and/or a worksheet to fill out.

Novels and plays were read in class. Kids took turns, myself included, reading brief passages.
If there was more book than class time, again, a couple of chapters were assigned for homework.

There was an absolutely stressful time my sophomore year in which I had to read a very long story as a separate assignment. I obsessed about getting it finished every chance I got.

I feared failure as that could mean getting held back. I obsessed over getting the best grade I could get, which was about a B average.

The only time I enjoyed learning is if there was a filmstrip or video.

I did enjoy writing and took a creative writing class. There was not much to read. The teacher didn't use a textbook. She gave oral assignments and assigned projects based on topics like, "What is your favorite band and why?"

I tried to write a novel one summer. I couldn't manage different characters with different personalities. It was more than my brain could handle. I write best in short bursts and from my own point of view.

I hated essay writing.
Poems, prose and later blog posts would go on to serve as an outlet for my creative brain.
I have written a PDF 29-page book combining blog posts and some biographical writing.

I do better when I have a photo for inspiration. I write what I know and try to show rather than tell, two rules of writing I learned in creative writing class.

I would be absolutely lost without spell check as my motor clumsiness makes for erratic typing and lots of typos.

Some people like to write via speech using software like Dragon. I think best through my fingers. Speech isn't so easy.

I've read lots about autistics loving to read. It is a disorder of opposites. I hate to read, but I thank God I can read.
I thank Him that I get to live in a country where every child is assured a free education. Where I can own a Bible in my home and not fear for my life.