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Welcome to a blog written by an autistic adult woman in her late 30's using words and images to advocate acceptance as well as awareness of those with life-limiting sensory processing disorder and resulting social and behavioral challenges.Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

There is a person

Pink clouds with words.
I'm not trying to offend anyone, though inevitably, I will. I think using politically correct terminology has its setbacks. Today, everybody gets offended at everything. It is pathetic.
People heatedly debate each other over issues such as using person first language.
As long as you don't forget that there is a person, unique and created by God, then I am fine with being called autistic or a person with autism. Both are true. Both are not all there is to me, though.
I spend a lot of time blogging about my autism experience, but that isn't all of me.
I am also creative, empathetic, young at heart and enjoy nature. I have thoughts, feelings, and ideas like everyone else, yet I am myself, one of a kind.