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Monday, April 3, 2017

To the dad who removed his crying toddler from the waiting room

Young female child crying

First of all, thank you VERY MUCH for your thoughtfulness in choosing to remove your crying toddler from the OB/GYN waiting room.
I am sure it was boring for your daughter to wait on top of being sick. I could hear the mucus rattle when she coughed. Being patient for a toddler is hard on a good day, but far harder when you are sick. My autistic brain can remember back to when I was a toddler.
I was about to go in for my yearly exam. I had a meltdown earlier in the week and was dreading the pain and pressure that always comes from having a metal speculum inserted into my vagina. I have a very good doctor who is both practical and patient, but it is still a very uncomfortable experience.
Not having to figure out how to run out of the office, possibly punch myself in the head or knock something over was a HUGE relief.
I was able to remain seated and chew my stim pendant, filling out my paperwork (I wish they could just e-mail it-very stressful as I am slow and time is short) and finally get the exam over with.
I am premenstrual and have PMDD, so this was especially a vulnerable time for me.
My safe person thanks you as well.
Hopefully, everything went well for your wife/partner, and your daughter went on to feel better.

I notice that kids (at least well ones) who have a toy to play with keeps them occupied while stuck in a waiting room with no toys, videos or anything remotely child friendly, as the waiting rooms I frequent are for adults. A tablet or supervised smartphone use might also help a bored child who is fueling up for a tantrum.